Abinfo is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 with headquarters in Brazil that promotes new and unique ways of working together in a wide range of R&D projects, aiming the application of science and technology to face real world challenges
Features of Abinfo’s way of working are:

  • sharing ideas and strengthening ideas with others
  • development of R&D and education methods and tools for cost effective R&D
  • networked cooperative R&D WEB-assisted communication between experts at various locations in the world
  • networked small laboratories and technology based companies to provide access to experimental work and prototyping for companies, institutions and independent researchers
  • small scale operation
  • eco-design and environmentally friendly solutions for products and processes
  • Human resources formation: scientific advice, traineeship and other
  • Seminars, courses and conferences

 This is the interactive R&D environment of ABINFO