ABINFO Cooperative Research and Development

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Abinfo is a non-profit organization founded in 1988 with headquarters in Brazil that promotes new and unique ways of working together in a wide range of R&D projects, aiming the application of science and technology to face real world challenges,

sharing ideas and strengthening ideas with other people active in R&D, industrial improvement and education

development of R&D and education methods and tools for cost effective R&D

networked cooperative R&D project specific WEB-assisted cooperation and communication between experts at various locations

networked small laboratories and technology based companies to provide access to experimental work and prototyping for companies, institutions and independent researchers

small scale operation


 Board of Directors

President - Carlos Ignacio Zamitti Mammana

Vice-President - Luiz Felippe Rodrigues Siqueira

Adminstrative Director - João Augusto Cardoso

Financial Director - Alessandra Greatti

Administration Council

Alaide Pellegrini Mammana

Eliezer Baron

MIlton Luiz de Paula Eduardo

Surrogate member - Celso de Oliveira Braga

Fiscal Supervisory Council

Vicente Idalberto Becerra Sablón

Ricardo Françoso Martini

Daniel Rodrigo Verza Ferreira

Surrogate Member - Tatiane Borges De Vietro