ABINFO Cooperative Research and Development




ABINFO has proven capability of structuring cooperation networks involving research, development and industrial agents.

ABINFO played an important role in the establishment of networks and bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs, such as:

  • Brazilian Network Information Displays (BrDisplay)
  • Ibero-American Network Information Displays (LatinDisplay)
  • Latin American Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID Latin-American Chapter)

ABINFO performs development of studies for strategies and roadmaps for public and private entities.

Examples are evaluation of opportunites for the implementation of LCD's for BNDES (Brazilian Bank for National Development) discussed during the various LatinDisplay Conferences.

Support for small and medium companies

ABINFO has experience in

  • cooperative participation involving research, development and innovation projects,
  • in giving support for companies to plan and perform projects of new products and pilot manufacturing plant.

Examples of these activities are:

  • pilot plant for liquid crystal displays,
  • transparent electrode electrofluorescent lamps manufacturing technology for LCD displays and lighting,
  • heater element and control for a high efficiency cooktop,
  • thin film heater for a shower.
  • support for the proposition of projects for public funding agencies or private


ABINFO developed new processing techniques, such as

  • plasma system for removal of layers in electronic devices, thin film deposition systems,
  • chemical reactors and thermal processing for thin films,
  • sputtering apparatus,
  • cryostat and measurement systems for device and materials characterization.
  • design and construction of peripherals for human communication with computer systems.
  • screens sensitive to touch and blow,
  • tablet and special keyboards for various applications,
  • computational system for the study of human movements and equivalence and conditional discrimination,
  • design and demonstration of electronic voting and counting using touchscreens, This demonstration was key dor the adoption of electronic voting by the Brazilain government.


  • Demonstration of digital student desk prototypes and associate web based school management and content repository
  • Cooperation with technical schools and universities for training of human resources at all levels.

ABINFO had and has a remarkable performance in this area.

ABINFO contributed to the training and training of more than a hundred business professionals and institutions R & D and students of technical schools, undergraduate, specialization and graduate. Also supported master's and doctoral theses, as well as post-doctoral projects.