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LatinDisplay Conferences

LatinDisplay is an event of the Society of Information Display (SID), of its Latin American Chapter (SID LTN Chapter), of the Brazilian Network for Displays (BrDisplay Network), of the Ibero-American Network for Displays (Ibero American Display Network) and ABINFO. The goals of LatinDisplays are:

• To discuss state-of-art displays: LCDs, AMLCDs, plasma, OLEDs, eletrophoretic, electrowetting, reflective, projection, 3D, IMOD etc.
• To present emerging technologies and new applications.
• To discuss display sub-systems and components: backlight units (BLUs), optical foils, etc.
• To discuss touch screens, tablets, digital boards, etc.
• To discuss related technologies: lighting (fluorescent lamps, LEDs, OLEDs), solar cells, organic electronics, batteries, sensors, nanotechnology, etc.
• To discuss materials, processes and equipment for displays and related technologies
• To discuss the impact of display technologies on TV broadcasting, cinema, health, e-books, media, advertisement, signage, etc.
• To discuss challenges and opportunities in displays and related technologies.
• To provide updates on the status of Brazil in these technologies and related manufacturing infrastructure

Relevant areas of display research, technology and applications to be covered include, but are not limited to:

• Displays (LCDs, AM-LCDs, OLEDs, plasma, reflective, transparent, flexible, 3D, projection, electrophoretic, video walls etc)
• Innovative applications: TV, telecommunications, automotive, avionics, military, mobile, medical imaging, education, signage, advertising, multimedia, cinema, etc.
• Night vision
• Touch screens, tablets, digital boards and other peripherals
• Manufacturing processes
• Materials: LC, OLED, alignment materials, etc.
• Backlight units (BLUs) and methods to improve sun-legibility
• Flat-panel measurements and standards
• Color performance and high ambient display enhancement
• Power and signal management
• Thermal management
• Lighting (LED, OLED, fluorescent, etc.)
• Image processing software and hardware (drivers, controllers, video processors, digital video format converters, etc)
• Electronics and graphic interfaces
• Ergonomics, human factors and visual perception
• Interconnectivity, usability and access to multiple sources of content
• Virtual reality and augmented reality
• Gestural, adaptive and multimodal interfaces. Immersive systems
• Assistive technologies
• Display and end-user product markets
• Solar cells, optical devices, thin films, organic electronics
• Batteries
• Nanotechnology

LatinDisplays consist of:

• Scientific and Technical Symposium
• Round Table and Business Meetings
• Exhibition
• DisplayEscola (Display School)
• Chapter and Network Meeting (LTN SID Chapter, BrDisplay Network and Ibero-American Display Network)
• Visits to R&D institutions, universities and companies

History of LatinDisplays

LatinDisplay InfoDisplay BrDisplay DisplayEscola Latin SID Evento associado Local Início Fim Participantes Países Publicação
  Pré-Info       I Workshop IB de Fluídos Anisotrópicos Córdoba, Argentina 05/07/93 08/07/93 40 5  
  I InfoDisplay         Campinas, SP, Brasil 20/06/95 25/06/95 107 12 Anais I InfoDisplay
  II InfoDisplay         Lisboa, Portugal 07/10/96 09/10/96 116 16 Anais II InfoDisplay
  III InfoDisplay         Pucón, Chile 30/11/97 04/12/97 37 12 Anais III InfoDisplay
  IV InfoDisplay         Mar del Plata, Argentina 11/03/98 13/03/98 45 8 Anais IV InfoDisplay
  V InfoDisplay   I DisplayEscola     Madrid, Espanha 26/10/98 28/10/98 79 14 Anais V InfoDisplay
  VI InfoDisplay         Lima, Perú 01/03/99 03/03/99 40 8 Anais VI InfoDisplay
  VII InfoDisplay   II DisplayEscola     Havana, Cuba 12/07/99 16/07/99 50 9 Anais VII InfoDisplay
  VIII InfoDisplay         São Paulo, SP, Brasil 16/03/00 18/03/00 43 9 Anais VIII InfoDisplay
      III DisplayEscola   CBRAVIC S. J.Campos, SP, Brasil 03/08/00 04/08/00 30 4  
  IX InfoDisplay   IV DisplayEscola     Campinas, SP, Brasil 17/09/02 20/09/02 122 11 Anais IX InfoDisplay
  X InfoDisplay   V DisplayEscola     Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil 29/09/03 03/10/03 78 16 Anais X InfoDisplay
    I BrDisplay       Campinas, SP, Brasil 21/04/04 23/04/04 81 4 Anais XI InfoDisplay
    II BrDisplay       Recife, PE, Brasil 19/07/04 22/07/04 50 3 Relatório
  XI InfoDisplay III BrDisplay VI DisplayEscola     Florianópolis, SC, Brasil 20/09/04 24/09/04 72 9 Anais XII InfoDisplay
  XII InfoDisplay IV BrDisplay VII DisplayEscola I Latin SID   Campinas, SP, Brasil 26/09/05 30/09/05 183 12 Anais XIII InfoDisplay
    V BrDisplay   II Latin SID   Campinas, SP, Brasil 24/11/05 25/11/05 33 3  
    VI BrDisplay   III Latin SID   Brasília, DF, Brasil 20/02/06   30 3  
  XIII InfoDisplay   VIII DisplayEscola IV Latin SID XIII Escuela Internacional de C&T de Materiais Havana, Cuba 12/07/06 13/07/06 21 4  
    VII BrDisplay   V Latin SID II Seminário Insoft/Titan/CenPRA Fortaleza, Ceará, Brasil 31/10/06   26 2  
LatinDisplay 2006 XIV InfoDisplay VIII BrDisplay IX DisplayEscola VI Latin SID   Campinas, SP, Brasil 16/11/06 18/11/06 170 10 Anais LatinDisplay 2006
    IX BrDisplay   VII Latin SID   S. Paulo, SP 21/02/07   28 2  
    X BrDisplay   VIII Latin SID   Campinas, SP 27/04/07   35 1 Relatório
    XI BrDisplay   IX Latin SID VI Semana de Engenharia e Tecnologia da UNIA Santo André, SP 08/05/07   47 1  
LatinDisplay 2007 XV InfoDisplay XII BrDisplay X DisplayEscola X Latin SID   Campinas, SP 12/11/07 15/11/07 203 11 Anais LatinDisplay 2007
    XIII BrDisplay   XI Latin SID   Rio de Janeiro, RJ 04/03/08   8 1  
    XIV BrDisplay   XII Latin SID   Santo André, SP 25/06/08   30 2  
    XV BrDisplay   XIII Latin SID I Semana de Tecnologia (I SEMTEC) do Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de S. Paulo - Unidade de Bragança Paulista Bragança Paulista, SP 22/10/08   40 1  
LatinDisplay 2008 XVI InfoDisplay XVI BrDisplay XI DisplayEscola XIV Latin SID   Campinas, SP 17/11/08 20/11/08 231 16 Anais LatinDisplay 2008 e Relatório
    XVII BrDisplay   XV Latin SID   Abinee, S.Paulo, SP 24/03/09   90 2  
    XVIII BrDisplay   XVI Latin SID Colégio Pentágono S. Andre, SP 24/06/09   100 2  
    XIX BrDisplay   XVII Latin SID Faculdade de Tecnologia Anchieta S. Bernardo, SP 05/11/09   70 2  
LatinDisplay 2009 XVII InfoDisplay XX BrDisplay XII DisplayEscola XVIII Latin SID   S. Paulo, SP 16/11/09 19/11/09 283 15 Anais LatinDisplay 2009, Livro de Programa e Relatório
    XXI BrDisplay   XIX Latin SID Instituto Educacional São João da Escócia - Colégio Pelicano de Poços de Caldas Poços de Caldas, MG 30/03/10   80 2  
Seminário Invest in Brazil: Opportunities for Displays         Display Week 2010 Seattle, WA, USA 25/05/10 27/05/10 56 15 Relatório
LatinDisplay 2010 /IDRC 2010 XVIII InfoDisplay XXII BrDisplay XIII DisplayEscola XX Latin SID IDRC 2010 (International Display Research Conference) S. Paulo, SP 16/11/10 19/11/10 254 17 Anais LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010, Livro de Programa e Relatório
    XXIII BrDisplay   XXI Latin SID Centro Universitário Salesiano de S. Paulo (UNISAL) Campinas, SP 18/03/11   54 4 Anais do XXIII Seminário BrDisplay e do XXI Latin SID Seminar
  XIX InfoDisplay     XXII Latin SID XVIII Escuela Internacional de Verano en Ciencia y Tecnología en Materiales La Habana, Cuba 07/07/11 08/07/11 24    
LatinDisplay 2011 /XXXII CBRAVIC XX InfoDisplay XXIV BrDIsplay XIV DisplayEscola XXIII Latin SID XXXII CBRAVIC Itajubá, MG 28/08/11 31/08/11 250 10 Anais do LatinDisplay 2011 /XXXII CBRAVIC, Relatório, Livro de Programa
    XXV BrDIsplay   XXIV Latin SID 3ª SETPOL – 3a. Semana de Tecnologia em Polímeros - Escola Senai Mário Amato São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brasil 29/09/11   150 1  
    XXVI BrDisplay   XXV Latin SID Ciclo de Estudos das Engenharias da Faculdade de Jaguariúna (FAJ) Jaguariúna - SP - Brasil 10/11/11   180 2  
    XXVII BrDisplay   XXVI Latin SID Centro Universitário Salesiano de S. Paulo (UNISAL) Campinas, SP 31/03/12        
    XXVIII BrDisplay   XXVII Latin SID Policamp Campinas, SP 30/03/12        
LatinDisplay 2012 /IDRC 2012 XXI InfoDisplay XXVII BrDisplay XV DisplayEscola XXVI Latin SID IDRC 2012 (International Display Research Conference) Mackenzie - São Paulo - SP - Brasil 25/11/12 30/11/12 399 12