ABINFO Cooperative Research and Development

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Cost effective Laboratory

ABINFO develops instruments and systems for laboratory experiments and pilot line development.

The design of these instruments is oriented for low cost and small and medium sized companies are invelved in its construction.

Our objective is to give access to sofisticated technological work with minimum investment.

ABINFO also cooperate with public laboratories to have access to high cost equipment such as electron microscopes and several analytical instruments.

Prototyping and measurement technology


ABINFO has access to several measuring equipment, some owned, some borrowed by its Fellow researchers and Fellow companies:

Electrical parameters
Mechanical dimensions
Electrochemical potentials
Mist density measurement by laser scattering
Light intensity
Frequency, time interval
Digital osciloscope for electrical signals
Low temperature (78 K) electrical characterization
Weight down to 0,001 g
Thickness measurement ( >1 micrometer)


Processing equipment


Processing equipment is constructed specially for each application. Some equipments are borrowed by Fellow researchers and Fellow companies. 

ABINFO process equipment covers:

Chemical vapor deposition reactor
Dip coating
Nebulization ultrasound CVD
Ovens for annealing
Vacuum evaporator
Photolithography (>50 µm lines)
Temperature controled etching baths


Optical Transmission up to 400 x
Small digital optical microscope
Processing techniques for digital image enhancement

Experiment control and data acquisition


Timing and sequencing

Data Acquisition 8 channels 100 kHz

Temperature controlers