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The premier way to promote your company and brand in Latin America is to become an official sponsor at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. Several sponsorship opportunities are available and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Prime Sponsorship - R$20,000

The most comprehensive sponsorship at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012, allows you to promote your company before, during and after the event. By becoming a LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 Prime Sponsor, you will ensure that your brand will be intricately linked to LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012, the most important display-technology event in Latin America. For your sponsorship in the amount of R$20,000 (twenty thousand Reais), your brand will receive an unparalleled level of promotional coverage, including:

• One complimentary 3 m x 2 m booth.

• Three complimentary registrations either to the Scientific/Technical Seminar or to DisplayEscola.

• Listing in the Exhibitors Session of the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 and publication of an abstract of your company and products being exhibited.

• Complete final list of attendees of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012.

• Coffee and refreshment breaks during the Scientific and Technical Symposium and the Business Meetings being served in the morning and in the afternoon at the Exhibition Hall.

• Press promotion and access to LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 Press Room for press conferences and media interviews.

• Company logo appearing on all 4 Primary Banners.

• Company logo highly visible on the LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 Website, with a link to the sponsor website.

• Company logo highly visible on the LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 tote bags.

• Promotional literature inclusion in all event tote bags.

• Company name and logo on the sponsor list of the Proceedings.

• 500 custom pens with your company logo/name placed in the event tote bags.

Other Sponsorship Opportunities

There are other opportunities to promote your company at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012: gain excellent exposure at the event and in the media, generate positive public relations and raise your industry profile. Expose your corporate logo on main event banners, sponsor a lunch, dinner or refreshment break or offer attendees promotional items branded with your corporate logo.

Company Logo on Banners

Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your brand to the attendees of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. A Poster/Banner with your corporate identity exposed at the conference entrance, auditorium, secretary and/or exhibition hall means that anyone who enters the area will instantly read about your company. This is a one-time opportunity, so don't delay!

Banner in the conference auditorium - R$2.500,00

Banner in the conference entrance - R$2.500,00

Banner in the secretary - R$1.500,00

Banner in the exhibition hall - R$2.500,00

Sponsored Food and Refreshments

Your company can get its message out to a captive audience by sponsoring a food or refreshment event at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. We will help you promote your sponsorship of meals via our distribution list. Attendance of up to 500 people can be reached through special invitation offered and managed by your company.

Luncheon (up to 150 guests) – R$10.000,00

Cocktail Mixer (up to 250 guests) – R$10.000,00

One refreshment break (to 500 guests) – R$10.000,00

Company Promotional Marketing

All 500 expected participants of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 will receive a tote bag, mouse pad and pen, so why not ensure that your corporate identity has staying power by placing your logo on the bag and/or sponsoring your literature, a mouse pad, or a novelty item to be placed each LatinDisplay free 2012/IDRC 2012 tote bag. Note: You may supply your own product, or we can produce the item for you. The fee does not include production of the novelty items.

Your logo on the tote bags (500 units) – R$2.500,00

Your logo on the mouse pad (500 units) – R$2.500,00

Your logo on the pen (500 Units) – R$ 2.000,00