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LatinDisplay 2014

Visa Requirements

Foreigners may be required to obtain a visa prior to their departure to Brazil. Please enquire at your nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate to establish whether you require a visa, and if so, to learn what are the application requirements and visa fees. Do not leave it for the last minute as processing time may take some days.

Citizens of Western Europe countries as well as from South America usually will not need a visa to enter Brazil.

US Citizens will need a visa. Consult the Brazilian Embassy or Brazilian Consulate in your country to know if a visa is required in your case and how to apply for it.

Useful information is also available at the Brazilian Federal Police webpage www.dpf.gov.br.
In that website, look at "Serviços à Comunidade" (Services for the Community), then "Serviços Prestados à Comunidade": "Tabela de Vistos" ("Services for the Community:" "Table of Visa").

Hotel Accommodation (Special Event Rates Apply)

We are negociating special hotel rates for the participants of LatinDisplay 2014. The information will be available in this page as soon as possible.


Ground Transportation

For information on ground transportation please refer to Rio Guia Oficial in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Air transportation

Brazil has a large internal air network. At weekends it is advisable to book seats as the flights are often heavily booked. The monthly magazine Panrotas (www.panrotas.com.br) gives all timetables and fares for internal air travel.

Transportation - Airports

Rio de Janeiro has two airports.

Aeroporto Internacional do Rio de Janeiro/Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim

Aeroporto do Rio de Janeiro - Santos Dumont