LatinDisplay 2021
LatinDisplay 2021

LatinDisplay 2021

LatinDisplay 2021, to be held on line in March 17 - 19th, 2021, is an event of the Latin American Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID), the Brazilian and the Ibero-American Networks for Displays and the Brazilian Association for Informatics (Abinfo). It is supported by the Coord. for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES).

LatinDisplay 2021 will provide the participants with great opportunities to experience and discuss relevant areas of research and technology, such as:

• Displays (LCDs, AMLCDs, OLEDs, LEDs, 3D, eletrophoretic, holographic, reflective, projection, etc.) and their innovative applications in advertising, signage, automotive, avionics, military, medical, TV, education, etc. Challenges and opportunities will be discussed.

• Trends in lighting and light sources (LEDs, OLEDs,etc.) and effects of light.

• Solar cells, organic electronics, batteries, sensors, photonic devices, thin films, nanotechnology, etc.

• Materials, processes and equipment for these technologies (liquid crystals, phosphors, quantum dots, optical foils etc).

• Human-machine interfaces (touch screens, digital boards, gestural, adaptive, multimodal, etc.

• Virtual and augmented reality, immersive systems, etc.

• Image processing and recognition (software and hardware, drivers, controllers, video processors,    converters, etc).

• Artificial intelligence and IoT

• Technologies for disabled people.

LatinDisplay 2021 will consist of:

• Scientific and Technical Symposium

o Invited lectures

o Contributed presentations

o Presentations of institutions, laboratories and groups

• DisplayEscola (Display School)

• Exhibition of products and prototypes by companies and institutions

• Meeting of the LTN SID Chapter, BrDisplay and Ibero-American Display Networks.

We invite you to participate at the S&T Symposium presenting a paper on any of the subjects above as well as on your institution, laboratory or group.

We look forward to seeing you at LatinDisplay 2021, hoping that you can enjoy and take benefit of the event by discovering and fostering scientific and technical cooperation and business connections.


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