LatinDisplay 2021
LatinDisplay 2021

Call for Papers

You are invited to present results of your work at LatinDisplay 2021 on any of the topics listed at "About the event".

To submit your contribution send a short abstract to the Program Committee The work does not need to be original, but new research is recommended.

Acceptance will be informed through a Letter of Acceptance until March 7th, 2021.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the web site of LatinDisplay 2021 as well as extended abstracts and complete papers.

According to their relevance, Complete Papers presented at LatinDisplay 2021 may be recommended for publication in the Journal of the Society for Information Display” (JSID). For more information about this reputed periodical see "Journal of SID”.

SID recognizes this Conference for awarding Senior Member Grade to SID members. For more information see “SID Recognition”.