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I am honored to announce LatinDisplay 2010 to be held at Pontifical Catholic University of S. Paulo (PUC-SP), in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, from November 16th to 19th, 2010. It is also my great pleasure to announce that International Display Research Conference (IDRC 2010) of the Society for Information Display will join LatinDisplay 2010 this year, bringing scientists from all over the world to present the latest advances in displays, stimulate new research relationships and encourage those new to the field.

So, LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 will provide the participants with great opportunities to experience and discuss state-of-the-art displays and related technologies, as well as exciting new applications. Other technologies that will be discussed, due to their direct relationship to displays, are touch screens, solar cells, lighting (fluorescent lamps, LEDs, OLEDs), organic electronics, batteries, nanotechnology, studies on materials, processes and equipment that may be used for displays, solar cells, ligthing, etc.

LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 is also a forum for disscussing the impact of displays and internet on the editorial and media world (journalism, publishing, broadcasting, advertising, information provision, etc.)

The conference will provide, also, an update on the status of Brazil in developing displays and on the opportunities for their production in the country.

LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 is organized by the Society for Information Display (SID), Associação Brasileira de Informática (ABINFO), Centro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato Archer (CTI) and Pontifícia Universidade Católica de S. Paulo (PUC–SP) and sponsored by ABDI, BNDES, CNPq, FAPESP and MCT from Brazil.

As previous events, LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 will consist of:

• Scientific and Technical Symposium
• Business Meetings
• Exhibition
• Meeting of the LTN SID Chapter, BrDisplay Network and Ibero American Display Network
• DisplayEscola (Display School)

The Program Committee and the Organizing Committee of LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 are doing their best to ensure it will be a successful and rewarding conference for all participants. Dr. Adi Abileah, the Program Chairman, and Dr. Daniel den Engelsen, the Program Co-Chairman are putting in a great effort to make LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 the most productive and enjoyable event yet.

I welcome specialists and colleagues from scientific and industrial laboratories, professors and students from educational institutions and representatives of companies, funding agencies and government, that will deliver lectures, present papers, contribute in the discussions, exhibit prototypes and products, attend the S&T sessions and DisplayEscola and visit the exhibition.
I expect that, as in previous years, LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 will be a forum for discovery in these new fields and continue to foster business connections and cooperation.

I look forward to seeing you at LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010,

Victor Pellegrini Mammana
LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010


BNDES MCT Governo Federal
Centro de Tecnologia da Informao Renato Archer
Secretaria Cooperao Internacional SP Visitors Bureau