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About LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010

LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010, to be held at Pontifícal Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), in S. Paulo, SP, from November 16th to 19th, 2010, is an event of the Society of Information Display (SID and its Latin American Chapter (SID LTN Chapter), of the Brazilian Network for Displays (BrDisplay Network) and of the Ibero-American Network for Displays (Ibero American Display Network).

The goal of LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 is to bring together researchers in the area of display technologies, and share information. This conference is meant for international authors, audience, together with the emerging technology in Brazil and Ibero-America. The conference will:

• Provide updates on the status of Brazil in developing display technologies and related manufacturing infrastructure.
• Provide international advances and development in all areas of display technologies, materials, and display systems.
• Focus on development with potential for future technologies for displays.
• Review display systems and products which are emerging.
• Discuss materials, sub-systems, equipment and processes for displays and related technologies.
• Present emerging technologies and new applications.
• Discuss the impact of displays and internet on the editorial and media world (journalism, publishing, broadcasting, advertising, information provision, etc.).
• Discuss the impact of eletronic books (EBR).
• Discuss the impact of 3D on TV-broadcasting, cinema and health.

Relevant areas of display research, technology and applPications to be covered include, but are not limited to:

• AMLCD technologies
• OLED devices and materials
• Plasma display panels (PDP)
• Reflective displays (e-books) technologies and flexible displays
• 3D displays and systems
• Mobile displays
• Medical displays
• Manufacturing processes
• Display markets and end-user product
• LC materials and alignment materials
• Human visual science
• Managing color performance
• Projection systems
• Flat-panel measurements and standards
• Backlight units (BLUs) for LCDs and components (enhancement foils, lamps, inverters, etc.) and methods to improve sun-legibility, and so on.
• Power and signal management
• High Ambient display enhancement
• Night-vision applications
• Automotive and avionics displays
• Electronic signage displays
• Electronics and graphics interfaces
• Projection-displays
• Innovative displays and systems
• Emerging display applications
• Flexible displays
• Solar cell technology
• Touch screens, tablets and other peripherals
• Lighting (LED, OLED, fluorescent, etc.)
• Optical devices
• Thin film devices
• Ergonomics, human factors, visual perception, etc.
• Organic electronics
• Batteries
• Nanotechnology
• Image processing, systems software and display processing hardware (drivers, controllers, video processors, digital video format converters, etc)
• Applications in medical imaging, TV, telephony, automotive, aeronautics, advertising, signage, education, multimedia, electronic cinema, etc.
• Interconnectivity, usability and access to multiple sources of content

LatinDisplay 2010-IDRC 2010 will consist of:

• Scientific and Technical Symposium. See “Scientific and Technical Symposium”.
• Business Meetings. See “Business Meetings
• Exhibition. See “Exhibition”.
• Meeting of the LTN SID Chapter, BrDisplay Network and Ibero-American Display Network. See “Chapter and Network Meeting”.
• DisplayEscola (Display School). See “DisplayEscola”.


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