LatinDisplay 2020
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We are honored to announce LatinDisplay 2020 the largest event for emerging electronic information display technology in Latin America.

LatinDisplay 2020 will take place at the Instituto de Energia e Ambiente da Universidade de S. Paulo (IEE/USP), in April 14th, and joint to InfoComm Brasil 2020, at Transamerica Expo Center, in April 15th and 16th.

LatinDisplay 2020 will provide the participants with great opportunities to experience and discuss the state of the art of displays (LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, AMOLEDs, holographic, electrophoretic, 3D, head-mounted displays (HMDs), etc.) and their exciting new applications. LatinDisplay 2020 will also address technologies related to displays such as advanced interfaces (multimodal, adaptive, etc.), image processing, virtual and augmented reality, solar panels, nanotechnology, photonic devices, sensors, batteries, etc.

This year, emphasis will be given to lighting, lighting trends and light sources, due to their direct relation to display technologies.

Aiming to stimulate new research and business relationships as well as to introduce these technologies to those new in these fields, the event is attracting experts from all over the world to present the latest advances and to discuss the challenges and opportunities in these areas.

The junction of LatinDisplay and Infocomm Brasil is auspicious for bringing together two sectors of great dynamism and effervescence how are the audio and video and the display sectors, the one moving a market around US$ 150 billion while displays represent a sector of more than US$ 120 billion.

As previous events, LatinDisplay 2020 will consist of:

• Scientific and Technical Symposium with the presentation of invited lectures and contributed papers
• Exhibition
• DisplayEscola (Display School)
• Meeting of the LTN SID Chapter, the BrDisplay Network and the Ibero American Display Network

As part of LatinDisplay 2020, DisplayEscola is the place where attendees can find out the outlook about displays and how they enable several applications. In an introductory level, the lectures will be presented by global experts.
LatinDisplay 2020 is organized by the Latin American Chapter of the Society for Information Display (SID), by the Brazilian Association of Informatics (ABINFO) and by Latin Press Brasil.

The Program Committee and the Organizing Committee of LatinDisplay 2020 are doing their best to ensure a successful and rewarding conference for all participants. Both are putting a great effort to make LatinDisplay 2020 a very productive and enjoyable event.

We welcome the participants, wishing that LatinDisplay 2020 be an opportunity to deepen the understanding in these fields of knowledge and continue to foster scientific, technological and business connections and cooperation.

Adi Abileah
LatinDisplay 2020