Contributed Paper Sessions (Oral & Posters)

The Scientific and Technical Symposium of LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 includes the presentation of papers (oral and posters) on all aspects of research, engineering, application, evaluation and utilization of displays and related technologies.

Papers for both oral and poster presentation, relative to the topics that focus on displays and related technologies, are solicited. These are listed but limited to those highlighted in “About LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010”.

To submit a paper (or papers) to LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 see “Paper Submission”, observing that you must be registered at Latin display 2010/IDRC 2010 to submit. To register see “Registration”.

The Program Committee reserves the right to consider your submission for either oral or poster presentation. If you have a preference, please indicate so and it will be taken into consideration.

The accepted papers (full manuscripts or extended abstracts) will be published in the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010. The Serial of the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 is indexed at the/ Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., as ISSN 1946-3871.

Full manuscripts of papers presented at LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 will be selected according to their relevance for publication in the “Journal of the Society for Information Display” (JSID).For more information see the “Journal of SID”.

Outstanding presented papers at LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010 will be selected by the Award Committee for receiving the following Abinfo Awards:

• “Best Contributed Paper of LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010”

• “Best Student Paper of LatinDisplay 2010/IDRC 2010”

For more information see “Awards”.

SID recognizes this Conference for awarding Senior Member Grade to SID members. For more information see “SID Recognition”.


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