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Business Meetings

The Business Meetings will provide a forum to discuss trends and business opportunities in displays and related technologies in Brazil and in all of Latin America. Business Meetings will consist of a “Business Opportunities Round Table” and of “One-to-One Business Meetings”.

To participate in the Business Meetings you must be registered at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. Registration can be done on-line at “Registration”.

Business Opportunities Round Table

A round table meeting will be held with companies, financing agencies, government and venture capital companies to discuss trends and business opportunities for displays and related technologies in Brazil and Latin America. Opportunities in R&D and human resource formation will also be discussed.

Industry professionals and consultants from around the world will present information on a wide variety of relevant topics including: competition between technologies, market forecasts, volume manufacturing, factors limiting display and related device manufacturing and the driving issues behind manufacturing costs.

One-to-One Business Meetings

Interested parties will have the opportunity to meet on a one-to-one basis to discuss industrial and commercial opportunities, joint ventures, cooperation initiatives and private or government funding for creating new companies or new business areas in existing companies. Introductions can be facilitated and meetings can be arranged by the organizers upon request.