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Scientific and Technical Symposium

The Program of the Scientific and Technical Symposium of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 covers the latest state-of-the-art innovations on displays and related technologies. The topics include, but are not limited to:

• Displays (LCDs, AM-LCDs, OLEDs, plasma, reflective, transparent, flexible, 3D, projection, electrophoretic, video walls etc)
• Innovative applications: TV, telecommunications, automotive, avionics, military, mobile, medical imaging, education, signage, advertising, multimedia, cinema, etc.
• Night vision
• Touch screens, tablets, digital boards and other peripherals
• Manufacturing processes
• Materials: LC, OLED, alignment materials, etc.
• Backlight units (BLUs) and methods to improve sun-legibility
• Flat-panel measurements and standards
• Color performance and high ambient display enhancement
• Power and signal management
• Thermal management
• Lighting (LED, OLED, fluorescent, etc.)
• Image processing software and hardware (drivers, controllers, video processors, digital video format converters, etc)
• Electronics and graphic interfaces
• Ergonomics, human factors and visual perception
• Interconnectivity, usability and access to multiple sources of content
• Virtual reality and augmented reality
• Gestural, adaptive and multimodal interfaces. Immersive systems
• Assistive technologies
• Display and end-user product markets
• Solar cells, optical devices, thin films, organic electronics
• Batteries
• Nanotechnology

The Symposium will consist of invited lectures and contributed paper to be presented in oral and poster sessions.To attend the Scientific and Technical Symposium and to contribute by presenting a paper (or papers) one must be registered at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. To register see "Registration".

Invited Lecturers (tentative)

Tentative invited lecturers

Adi Abileah - Planar Systems, USA - “Displays for military applications”
Chris Chinnock – Insight Media, USA – “3D TV”
Daniel den Engelsen – Abinfo, The Netherlands – “Lighting, light sources and BLUs”
Frederico Fleury Curado – Embraer, Brazil – “Displays in Embraer”
Gopalan Rajeswaran – Moser Baer Technology, India – “Business model of a flexible AMOLED line”
Greg Grabski - Esterline Korry - “Trends in displays for military applications”
Ingrid Heynderickx - Philips and Technical University of Delft, Holland – “Advances in visual perception studies”
Jean Noel Perbet - Thales Avionics, France - “Displays for airplanes”
Joo Tae Moon - LCD Business Samsung Electronics - “Trends and challenges for the LCD industry”
Judith Redi – Technical Univ. of Delft – The Netherlands – “Aesthetics and quality of display pictures”
Kalil Kalantar – Global Optical Solutions - “Trends and Prospects of LCD Backlighting Optics and Technologies”
Kalluri Sarma – Honeywell, USA - “Displays and night vision equipment”
Kenneth I. Werner– Nutmeg Consultants, USA – “Web TV”
Lauren Palmateer– Nura Life Sciences, USA
BNDES Representative – BNDES, Brazil – “Brazilian way to establish a display industry”
Michael McCreary – E Ink Corporation, USA – “The future of eBooks”
Munisamy Anandan – SID and Organic Lighting Technologies LLC, USA – “Trends in OLEDs for lighting”
Mylene Farias – Univ. Brazilia – Brazil – “Incorporating visual attention models into the design of image and video quality metrics”
Paul Breddels - Holst Center Eindhoven – “Developing AMOLEDs in Brazil with Holst Center”
Rashmi Rao - Qualcomm, USA - “MEMs technology for reflective displays: the Mirasol”
Shigeo Mikoshiba - University of Electro-Communications and SID – “Why are plasma display panels so good for Brazil”
Si-Ty Lam - HP, USA - “Manufacturing processes for information displays”
Wendy Luiten – Philips Research Laboratory, The Netherlands – “Thermal management of LED LCD TVs”
Y. W. Sun - Century Displays, China - “LTPS for Gen 6 LCD fabs”

Contributed Paper Sessions (Oral & Posters)

The Scientific and Technical Symposium of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 includes the presentation of papers (oral and posters) on all aspects of research, engineering, application, evaluation and utilization of displays and related technologies.

Papers are solicited for both oral and poster presentation on the topics that are listed, but not limited to, in “About LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012”.

To submit a paper (or papers) to LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 see “Paper Submission”, observing that, to submit you must be registered at Latin display 2012/IDRC 2012. To register see “Registration”.

The Program Committee reserves the right to consider your submission for either oral or poster presentation. If you have a preference, please, indicate so it can be taken into consideration.

The accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012. The Serial of the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 is indexed at the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., as ISSN 1946-3871.

According to their relevance, full manuscripts of papers presented at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 may be selected for publication in the “Journal of the Society for Information Display” (JSID). For more information about this reputed periodical see "Journal of SID”.

Outstanding presented papers at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 will be selected by the Award Committee for receiving the “Best Contributed Paper of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012” awarded by Abinfo. For more information see “Award”.

SID recognizes this Conference for awarding Senior Member Grade to SID members. For more information see “SID Recognition”.

Important dates/deadlines

LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012

01/April/12 1st Call for papers
28/June/12 2nd Call for papers
30/October/12 Deadline for submission of papers
10/November/12 Send acceptance letters
10/November/12 Final program
26-28/November/12 S&T Symposium, Exhibition, Panel Session and Business Meetings
29-30/November/12 DisplayEscola
29-30/November/12 Visits

Why present a paper?

Presenting a paper (or papers) at LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012 gives you an exceptional opportunity to:

• Contribute to a technical and scientific program that covers the latest state-of-the-art innovations;
• Divulge and share your work with your peers;
• Benefit from this privileged forum to discuss your technical and scientific results with recognized specialists in the field;
• Discover new nuances and new applications that can enrich and enlarge the scope of your work;
• Motivate new applications;
• Motivate new areas, new fields and new projects;
• Initiate or enhance scientific and technical cooperation;
• Foster new business and new companies;
• Be recognized by the Society of Information Display, including for a Senior Member Grade (See “SID Recognition”);
• Have your paper published in the Proceedings of LatinDisplay 2012/IDRC 2012;
• Have your paper recommended for publication in the Journal of SID (see “Journal of SID”);
• Win the “Best Paper Award” which consists of a Certificate and a cash prize (see “Awards”).