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Adi Abileah – Pacific Area and Latin America Vice-President of SID and Adi Display Consulting – USA

Adi Abileah is the Regional Vice-President of SID for the Pacific (USA) and Latin America and CEO of Adi Display Consulting – USA. Adi Abileah retired from Planar Systems (Beaverton, Oregon), where he served as the chief scientist at the Technology Group. His main activity was related to development of active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD), physics and optics of the displays of several technologies, and backlights and enhancement techniques.
Adi Abileah has B.Sc. in Physics from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and M.Sc. in Plasma Physics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. And a 2-year research work at the university on high power CO2 lasers. He developed soil mechanics density sensors at the Negev Institute, Israel. His first industry job was in medical imaging (Nuclear Medicine) at Elscint, Israel. He was the head of the Electro-Optics Group at Elbit for several years, and then the manager of EL-OP north branch R&D center in Haifa, Israel. On 1987, he joined OIS – Optical Imaging Systems in Michigan where he became the manager of the optics group and responsible for all related topics in the development of AMLCDs. During this period, he became expert in the optics of AMLCDs, testing techniques, and liquid crystals physics. He served at OIS until the company closed at 1998 and then joined Planar Systems.
Adi Abileah has 46 US patents, mostly related to displays, backlights, 3-D stereo and in-cell optical sensors. He presented many technical papers at SID, SPIE, and OSA conferences, and gave several seminars at SID.
In 2005, Adi Abileah received the Fellow Award of SID. In 2012, he got the SID Otto Schade Prize. In 2011 Adi Abileah was awarded with a Presidential Citation Award of SID in recognition for organizing LatinDisplay 2010.. He served as the director of the Pacific Northwest chapter of SID for many years. Adi co-chaired and was program chair of ADEAC conferences (2005/2006). He was program chair of Latin-Display/IDRC (2009, 2010 and 2011) and co-chair (2012 and 2014). Adi is an Associate Editor for JSID 3-D displays and chairing the 3-D stereo subcommittee of ICDM standards, as well as member of SAE-J-1757 standard group. He is a member of the Applications Subcommittee for the SID conferences.

Munisamy Anandan –Organic Lighting Tech, USA

Munisamy Anandan, PhD, is President and Managing Member at Organic Lighting Technologies, an optical component manufacturer. He specializes in market research, marketing, LCD backlighting, and flat panel display technologies. He has experience in OLED backlight for cell phones, LED backlight, LCD TV, CRT, SED, and desktop monitors. He is knowledgeable in market and technology trends for the plasma, projection television market, LCDs for desktop monitors, and OLEDs. He is experienced in the LCD, Plasma, OLED, Flat fluorescent lamp, LCD backlighting, field emission display markets and has established processes for mass manufacturing for LCD, Plasma, OLED, Flat fluorescent lamp, and LCD backlighting. He is a senior member of IEEE and the SID. He has delivered a "Key-Note Address" on 'LED backlight for LCD' at International Conferences in Moscow and Korea.