LatinDisplay 2020
LatinDisplay 2019;

Invited Lecturers*

Invited lectures will be given by distinguished speakers in display, lighting and related technologies:

• Adi Abileah – SID and Adi Consulting, USA – “Quantum Dots and QLED TVs”
• Adi Abileah – SID and Adi Consulting, USA – “Medical Displays”
• BahmanTaheri – AlphaMicron, USA – “New Applications of Liquid Crystals”
• Chris Chinnock – Insight Media, USA – “Light field and holographic display technology”
• Elvo Calixto Burini Junior* and Emerson R. dos Santos** – *IEE/USP, **Poli/USP, Brazil – “Artificial Electric Lighting, Engineering and Living Beings”
• Isac Roizenblatt – ABILUX, Brazil – Fudamentals for Lighting in Developing Countries: Lessons (that must be) learned
• Janos Veres – PARC, USA – “Freeing electronics from the box”
• Kenneth I. Werner – Insight Media, USA – “Displays in the entertainment industry”
• Luiz Roberto Evangelista – Univ. Estadual de Maringá, Brazil – “Research in Liquid Crystals in Brazil”
• Munisamy Anandan – SID and Organic Lighting Tech, USA – “LEDs and OLEDs for lighting”
• Oswaldo Sanches Junior – Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas, Brazil – “Iluminação Pública”
• Rafael Zola –- Univ. Tecnológica Federal do Paraná, Brazil – “Polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals”
• Sri Peruvemba – SID, USA – “The new wave of computing and microdisplays”

* to confirm