LatinDisplay 2020
LatinDisplay 2019;

Exhibitors at LatinDisplay 2020

We invite you to exhibit samples, prototypes and products at the Booth of LatinDisplay 2020.

The Exhibition is a platform to show technologies such as:

• Lighting systems and light sources (LED, OLED, fluorescent, etc.)
• All display technologies i.e. liquid crystal displays (LCDs) e-paper, 3D, electro-luminescent (ELDs), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), flexible, projection, LED, micro LED, etc.
• Display subsystems: backlight units (BLUs), optical foils, etc..
• Touch screens, tablets and other peripherals
• Solar cells (Si-based, hybrid and dye sensitized, CIGS, etc.)
• Backlight units (BLUs) for LCDs and components (enhancement foils, lamps, inverters, etc.)
• Photonic devices
• Thin film devices
• Organics electronics
• Batteries
• Nanotechnology
• Software and hardware for image processing (drivers, controllers, video processors, digital video format converters, etc.)
• Applications in medical imaging, TV, telephony, automotive, aeronautics, advertising, signage, education, multimedia, electronic cinema, etc.
• Interconnectivity, usability and access to multiple sources of content
• Electronics and graphic interfaces
• Interfaces: gestural, adaptive, multimodal, etc.
• Virtual reality and augmented reality; Immersive systems
• Assistive technologies
• Materials, componests, equipment and tools for these technologies
• Electronics and ICs for addressing, controlling, testing, etc.
• Packaging, printed circuit board, assembly, display backplane electronics, connections and metallization, etc.
• Instruments for measuring, calibration, testing, qualification and reliability

To exhibit at the LatinDisplay 2020 contact the Organizing Commitee at or tel 19 3289 2431.