LatinDisplay 2020
LatinDisplay 2019;

Visiting the Exhibition

The Exhibition will be opened to general public and particularly to those interested in displays, lighting and related technologies, which include:

• Designers, development and manufacturing engineers, scientists, managers and retailers in areas of:

Lighting systems and light sources
Avionics and automotive systems
Instruments, equipment and tools
Computer systems
Medical systems
Telecommunications systems
Telephone and mobile
Audio visual
Advertising, marketing and signage
Home appliances
Glass, plastics, chemicals and materials
Display integration
Electronic devices and components (ICs, drivers, converters, printed circuit boards, etc.)
Equipment and manufacturing systems
Optical components and systems
Measuring equipment

• Technical analysts and strategic planners of companies, research institutes, funding agencies and government, investors and venture capitalists.

• Journalists and main stream media professionals (news papers, magazines, Internet and TV channels)

• Professors and students from universities and technical schools