Scientific and Technical Symposium

The Program of the Scientific and Technical Symposium is international in scope and covers the latest state-of-the-art innovations from around the world in a wide variety of relevant topics on displays and related technologies such as:

  • All display technologies including plasma displays (PDPs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs) e-paper, 3D displays, electro-luminescent displays (ELDs), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), field emission displays (FEDs) flexible displays, projection displays, LED displays, etc.;
  • Touch screens, tablets and other peripherals:
  • Solar cells (Si-based, hybrid and dye sensitized, CIGS, etc.)
  • Backlight units (BLUs) for LCDs and components (enhancement foils, lamps, inverters, etc.)
  • Lighting (LED, OLED, fluorescent, etc.)
  • Optical devices
  • Thin film devices
  • Ergonomics, human factors and visual perception, etc.
  • Organic electronics
  • Batteries
  • Nanotechnology
  • Image processing, systems software and display processing hardware (drivers, controller, video processors, digital video format converters, etc.)
  • Applications in medical imaging, TV, telephony, automotive, aeronautics, advertising, signage, education, multimedia, electronic cinema, etc.
  • Interconnectivity, usability and access to multiple sources of content

For all these technologies the following aspects will be covered:

  • Materials
  • Chemical and physical processes
  • Device and process modeling
  • Equipment, instruments and tools
  • Electronics and ICs for addressing, controlling, testing, etc.
  • Packaging, printed circuit board, assembly, display backplane electronics, connections and metallization, etc.
  • Measuring, calibration, standards and metrology, testing, qualification and reliability
  • Manufacturing encompassing: processes; process and equipment integration; data mining; yield management; cluster tools; supply/value chain management from component/instrument/software to process equipment; modeling; sensors, control and support technology; contamination-free manufacturing; etc.
  • Environmental issues
  • Commercialization, end-consumers, retailing, distribution, etc.
  • Market overview and forecast
  • Strategic and economic evaluation of technologies; business strategy analysis and recommendations

The Symposium will consist of invited lectures and contributed paper presentations (oral and poster sessions).

To attend the Scientific and Technical Symposium or to contribute by presenting a paper (or papers) one must be registered at LatinDisplay 2009. To register see “Registration”.