Sponsorship Opportunities

There are other opportunities to promote your company at LatinDisplay 2009: gain excellent exposure at the event and in the media, generate positive public relations and raise your industry profile.  Expose your corporate logo on main event banners, sponsor a lunch, dinner or refreshment break or offer attendees promotional items branded with your corporate logo.

Company Logo on Banners

Take advantage of this opportunity to expose your brand to the attendees of LatinDisplay 2009. A Poster/Banner with your corporate identity exposed at the conference entrance, auditorium, Secretary and/or Exhibition Hall, means that anyone who enters the area will instantly read about your company. This is a one-time opportunity so don't delay!

Banner in the conference auditorium - R$2.500,00
Banner in the conference entrance - R$2.500,00
Banner in the Secretary - R$1.250,00
Banner in the Exhibition Hall - R$2.500,00

Sponsored Food and Refreshments

Your company can get its message out to a captive audience by sponsoring a food or refreshment event at LatinDisplay 2009. We will help you promote your sponsorship of meals via our distribution list. Attendance of up to 350 people can be offered through special invitation offered and managed by your company.

Luncheon (up to 150 guests) – R$10.000,00
Cocktail Mixer (up to 350 guests) – R$10.000,00
Refreshment Break (each up to 350 guests) – R$5.000,00

Company Promotional Marketing

All 350 expected participants of LatinDisplay 2009 will receive a free tote bag, mouse pad and pen, so why not ensure that your corporate identity has staying power by placing your logo on the bag and/or sponsoring your literature or novelty item to be placed each LatinDisplay 2009 Tote Bag. Note: You may supply your own product, or we can produce the item for you. The R$1,700 fee does not include production of the novelty items.

Display Week 2009 Tote Bag Novelty Item or Promotional Literature inclusion - R$1.700,00
Your logo on the tote bags (350 units) – R$2.500,00
Your logo on the Mouse Pads (350 Units) – R$ 2.500,00

Your Suggestions

We are open to hear your suggestions for potential sponsorship at LatinDisplay 2009. We want to help your company achieve optimal exposure to both attendees and other exhibitors so, please, feel free to contact us with your ideas.

If you have any questions about how to sponsor LatinDisplay 2009, contact:

In Portuguese: Alexandre Cândido de Paulo (acpaulo@abinfo.com.br)

In English: Paul G. Cox (paulcox@abinfo.com.br or at (55) 19 3327-1688/1687 or (55) 19 3203-2100)